Our Mission

Stress Nuts is a brand that started with a prayer and is dedicated to bringing fun and relaxation to a busy mind. Through the technology of 3D Printing and Music people will experience a sensorial and auditive reality. Our mission is to be ‘the break’ people need in this fast-paced modern world we live in.

In a fast-paced time,
Spin and Relax with
the Stress Nuts Fall,

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Meet Our Founders

Nelson (Dj Nelson) Díaz

Founder DJ, Music Producer and one of the Pioneers of the Urban Music Genre, Reggaeton, which became popular in the 1990s. In 1994 he became part of ‘The Noise’ Production team, composed by DJs, MCs, Producers and Club Coordinators, who organized a series of Long-playing CDs on the club nights in San Juan, PR that were vital for the development and popularization of Reggaeton.

Yelly Díaz

Co-Founder Yelly Díaz, born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Puerto Rico, comes from a family that has produced Reggaeton music since the 1990s; her father being one of the pioneers of the genre. At an early age, she received Christ in her heart and has been a disciple ever since; this made her go in a different direction musically and in business than her family.

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Check out his exclusive playlist, produced and created by DJ Nelson!

Spin and Relax with
Stress Nuts

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