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About DJ

My name is Dj Nelson, and you may be wondering who I am and what am I doing here, so let me introduce myself. I love music, it’s what I’ve done my whole life, but I am also a visionary, my life is fueled by dreams and ideas and I love bringing them to life. Stress Nut represents a part of me that is innovative, imaginative and artistic. Each Stress Nut is a work of art, not only designed to be a tool, but to bring an experience into your world and emerge yourself in minutes, hours and days of relaxation.

DJs favorites

We strive to make each of the Stress Nuts unique, whether it’s in color, style or function. Honestly I love all of them, they all give me a different feeling and experience; but if I must choose, I have a special attachment to the Grip Nut (Shh don’t tell the other Stress Nuts hahaha).

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