Who We Are

Stress Nuts is a brand dedicated to bringing fun and relaxation to a busy mind.

Through the technology of 3D Printing, Stress Nuts has accomplished to design and print lightweight and easy to use stress relief tools, popularly known as fidget toys. The founder has worked in the music industry for more than 20 years, which inspired him to make music part of the use of the fidget toy. So, it’s not just a fidget people are buying but a sensorial and auditive experience.

In the modern times we live in, society has pushed us to live in a fast-paced, stay ahead of everyone, all work no sleep kind of state. And as horrible as that sounds, people actually live like this. We know because we were once there. Our role in this time is to be ‘the relaxing break’ everyone needs but doesn’t acknowledge. We are not the solution, but we are the stress relief tool people need and we are here for it.

Stress Nuts


Stress Nuts was founded during the pandemic. Both Dj Nelson (founder) and his daughter Yelly Diaz (CEO), were simultaneously praying for an idea without knowing about each
other's prayer; and then
God surprised them with
Stress Nuts.


As a family-owned business, DJ Nelson's family has been working together for over 5 years ‹now. They believe in unity, integrity and love. They have been building and structuring their businesses on biblical truth since these opportunities were given by God through Jesus, they want to glorify Him in everything they do.


DJ Nelson has been working in the music industry for more than 20 years. Before he sold his first stress nut, he combined lofi music with the use of the stress nut. The lo-fi genre is a new chilled sound made for relaxing and background noise. Today, Stress Nuts has more than 300 lo-fi songs available on all music platforms.

Meet Our Team

Nelson (Dj Nelson) Díaz

Founder and Owner, Stress Nuts Music Producer and Director of Manufacturing Operations

Yelly Díaz

CEO and Creative Director

Anabel Figueroa

Head of Shipping, Sales and Customer Service

Papito McGiver

Head of Production and 3D Designer

Flaco Figueroa

Head of Quality Control and Marketing Videographer

Ariana Villanueva

Director of Ecommerce and Inventory Manager

Javier Gonzalez

Human Resources and Logistics Developer

Gabriel Figueroa

Harvest and
Packaging Director

Ramon Gonzalez


Braian Lopez

3D designer and Quality Control